Our M.A.P.S* Program

The letters stand for Master Art Placement and Selection. This is our most popular service, since it saves so much time for the designer/specifier on any project.   It’s perfect for jobs of 75+ pieces – it saves the designer for the project time while still maintaining control of the final selections.

1. Send us your blueprints and our design team will dot the floor plan for appropriate coverage, providing you with approximate budget figures and sample image selections.

Floor plan, with dot where art will go.


2. During this planning stage, we’ll also gather fabric swatches, carpet samples, and case good information so frames and mats can be finalized.


framing options framed poster availability M.A.P.S. framing service corporate art framing


3. When the project is closer to completion, we'll select the actual pictures based on your guidelines, work up a firm quote, and provide you with a full-color selection booklet to share with the client.


(Example of pages from selection booklet)

Location 1 – Elevator Lobby – 57656, 55, 54 all framed together

Size will be around 6 feet long – check space


Location 2   ZZ 57693       26 X 26”



Location 5 – Breakroom  ZZ 59164, ZZ59165 ZZ59166   small, each around 15 x 18
- would advise not to canvas/too small



Location 4   44535 and 44536       28 x 28” each



Location 3    10929                  21 x 29” (“Salad Bar”)



Location 6     58237 and 58236      18 x 40” @ - on short wall   **



Location 6   56164, 65, 66    17 x 40”@  on LONGER wall     **

Location 7 a and b   58525 and 58524     30 x 30@    **


4. We can provide installation services if you need them nationwide.  Our installers will uncrate, sort, place and hang your artwork in a timely and efficient manner.



Again, this service is at no charge to our regular customers. We estimate that on a project with 100 framed prints, this service would save 15-20 hours of design time.

5. Finally, you can maintain a personal gallery on-line at our web-site of this project as long as you want.  This can serve as a record for insurance purposes and also a reference point when additional items are needed.

If you would like to order our M.A.P.S. service for an upcoming project, go to our home page and hit the link to “free project assistance.”