Letter from the President:

We began ArtSource in 1990 with two fundamental ideas: provide artwork to business environments throughout the country and do it in a way that enhances the lives of both our clients and our staff. Over the years we have evolved from a "mail order catalog" company to one that serves a wide variety of needs for our customers through local representation, affiliate and dealer programs, complete art consultation, and national purchasing programs. We've also expanded our staff to include not only sales consultants, but design staff, customer service specialists, and an experienced and dedicated manufacturing team. We have always opted for higher quality, both in our product line and in our approach to business. At the same time, we are dedicated to growth as the way to fulfill our mission of improving working environments in offices, hospitals, senior care facilities, and hospitality locations.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility and creativity. This means changing our systems as needed to accommodate our client's needs. It means opening up our thinking to include other products and services which we may not offer, but our clients could benefit from. That was really the beginning of our decision to open this web-site -- the desire to be able to better communicate across distances with buyers and specifiers of artwork. To give them the ability to do their own art searches quickly and efficiently without carrying around a bulky set of catalogs. To expose them to a wider selection of fine artists to choose from. To have a centralized storehouse where they could save their art choices to share with their clients and colleagues. To show them what's new in a timely manner as well as providing case studies to stimulate their own thinking.

We have evolved through the years from a business with a telesales emphasis (salespeople calling on the phone from Milwaukee) to one with field reps in every major U.S. city, supported by a combined corporate team of sales, customer service, and design managers. While we still publish a catalog (which now shows 20,000 items), our future expansion will come through the use of the Internet to show new artwork choices to our growing client base. Our goal is to continue our market leadership through expansion of our existing markets, solidifying dealer and design affiliations, and through national agreements with large corporate clients.

We look forward to working with you!


Maggie Smith,

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