How We Can Help

corporate art sales  
The ArtSource team prides itself on being responsive to customer needs. There are so many ways to go with artwork that the number of choices sometimes becomes the problem. One of the major values we bring to our clients is to shift through the innumerable options to hone in on a perfect one for your space.

Here are a few examples of what we will do for YOU.

M.A.P.S. Program - the letters stand for Master Art Placement and Selection. This is our most popular service, since it saves so much time for the designer/specifier on any project. Send us your blueprints and our design team will dot the floor plan for appropriate coverage, providing you with approximate budget figures and sample image selections. When the project is closer to completion, we'll select the actual pictures based on your guidelines, work up a firm quote, and provide you with a full-color selection booklet to share with the client. Again, this service is at no charge to our regular customers. We estimate that on a project with 100 framed prints, this service would save 15-20 hours of design time.

master art placement and selection

corporate art buyers, health care chains, senior living residences, hospitality
National Standards Programs - this service is appropriate for larger corporate buyers and health care/senior living care chains. By establishing a criteria for an ongoing art program, we can save you both time in specifying and money through negotiated "best pricing" agreements. We will work with you to select a particular look that can be replicated throughout your facilities and provide complete documentation, including full-color spec books as needed. Likewise, your choices can be kept on our web site through our special ArtSource Archive Service.
Project Management - it's nice to know someone is overseeing your project from beginning to end. Our entire team at HQ is under one roof, so the sales team has immediate access to the design, customer service, and manufacturing staff. We all work together to complete each job with 100% accuracy and 100% on-time shipping. When needed on larger projects, one of the design or sales staff will oversee installation at your site, together with our contract installers. health care art, healthcare pictures, hospital art, lobby pictures
custom art search, poster

Custom Art Search - when you need a particular type of artwork that isn't generally found in the standard poster books, e-mail us a special art search request. For a minimal charge, we'll send you out full-color pictures that match your needs (for our regular customers, this fee is waived). We've filled requests all the way from English pubs to Hispanic mother/child pictures, from firetrucks to bird seed catalogs. We have over 21,000 different poster/prints in our database and are constantly adding more. If it¹s out there, we'll find it.

Custom Art Solutions - sometimes you need a special look but don't exactly know what. Let's put our heads together for a creative solution. "Thinking outside the box" can yield something terrific for your project. For example, we recently worked with a restaurant owner who wanted separate small pictures of wine labels. The only way he knew to do this was to soak off labels from actual bottles and frame them. But the soaking damaged the labels to such an extent that they were unusable. Instead, the ArtSource team suggested a poster that illustrated 15 different wine labels on one sheet. We cut this apart, replicated the shape of the label, gave it dimension by floating it on foam core, and were able to achieve the desired look, all for the cost of one poster and framing. Put us to work for your project too!
Artist Commissions - we once contacted an artist to commission a ceramic piece to be done by mid-November and got the response "I think I'll feel like doing that in March." Those aren't the kind of artists either of us want to work with! We'll screen through available people to make sure the ones that are selected will get your project done on time and be attuned to your colors, desired style, and price range. Our in-house fine art specialist maintains an artist registry of over 500 different artists available for commission work in a vast array of mediums. She'll handle all negotiations and obtain samples, slides, and maquettes as needed to make your selections. artist commisions, ceramic piece, artist registry, maquettes

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Other Products - on this site, we are showing mainly posters and works of fine art on paper. But we provide a host of other products that fall under the general category of wall decor. These includes framed mirrors, tapestries, wall plaques, canvas replicas, original imported oil paintings, shadow boxes for object display, and custom framing of signage, company posters, and certificates. This means you can use ArtSource for one-stop shopping for anything you need to put on your walls.

Installation - we can arrange for an installer to hang your artwork. We pre-qualify all our installers to ensure consistent customer service and have design staff standing by on the phone to advise them of any changes needed from the original floor plan.

Manufacturing - for a full explanation of our manufacturing process, including quality control steps, cell manufacturing system, and products used, please fax or e-mail us your request.