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Corporate HQ for Management Company Uses ArtSource to Enhance Its New Space with Contemporary Artwork

Challenge: To create a bold, contemporary statement through the selection and placement of artwork that would complement and enhance the company's prominent position as a builder and manager of commercial real estate, office buildings, and industrial facilities. The owner wanted to place unique art in strategic locations for a clean, striking look in keeping with the sleek hardwoods, contemporary lighting, and modern seating and casegoods already present in the facility.

Solution: By using artwork that supported the contemporary theme, as well as working with actual components from the client's industry, a unique artistic statement was created. ArtSource worked with sculptor Richard Taylor to create a striking wall piece which incorporated elements used in the actual construction work that the client did, including brass, aluminum, and steel. The piece, with separate component parts mounted together, became the dramatic centerpiece for the lobby area.

In separate conference rooms, artwork with crisp imagery and bold shapes was used to support the design theme These original giclee prints and serigraphs, somewhat Oriental in feel, contributed to the contemporary look that we wanted. Rather than use heavy coverage with lots of artwork, ArtSource placed single or paired images, well-lighted, on an otherwise blank wall. This created focus on the art piece and supported the owner's desire for simplicity in the design scheme. Pottery and glass pieces were also used on table-tops and pedestals to add dimensionality to the art scheme as well as color and texture at strategic points.