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New Government Medical Center Requires 1700 Southwest-themed Posters Specified & Documented

Challenge: To select and budget for over 1700 posters for Brooke Army Medical Center outside San Antonio two years before the facility was to open, working solely from blueprints to win the contract. Provide complete design services, installation, and documentation for on-site facility managers over a 3-month span for install.

Solution: Ultimately the challenge became one of replacing previously-selected images, since the long time span after specification resulted in many original items being out of print once the contract actually began. Although some duplication was necessary, at least 1200 distinct poster/print items in a western/southwest theme were found and produced by using ArtSource's extensive image library and sources. Three separate shipments and installs were necessary to accommodate move-in and availability dates. A coordinated effort at HQ to pre-organize the shipments resulted in crating by floor and by wing, vastly simplifying the installation process once artwork reached the site. Complete specification books were produced showing full-color pictures of each item and its location in the facility.