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Senior Living Chain Works with ArtSource to Develop 5 Standards Packages for Pictures

Challenge: Karrington Communities, an assisted living/senior living chain, wanted to develop 5 distinct looks for their facilities, which could be duplicated and re-arranged depending on the physical requirements of the homes (number of rooms, number of floors) as well as the geographical location. They wanted artwork packages specified and documented that supported these 5 looks. They also expressed the need to use a variety of mediums, including canvas replicas and tapestries. Finally, they wanted an area where nostalgic photos relevant to the particular community and its residents would be displayed.

Solution: First, ArtSource and Karrington personnel worked to develop and document the basic packages, which included Rustic, Victorian, and Small Town. A mix of styles was used, with particular emphasis on clear, crisp color palettes and recognizable imagery to appeal to this age population. ArtSource used its extensive publisher library to find less familiar art to make the facilities more unique. Next, a tapestry manufacturer was sourced whose products showed relevant themes such as botanicals and traditional landscapes. Then, we specified old-fashioned antique advertising tins showing farm implements, foods, cars, and other products for more casual public areas. Reproductions of fresco-type tiles contributed a unique look in the coffee/soda shop area. Finally, ArtSource staff worked with local community sources to reproduce old photos of relevant buildings, events, sports teams, and school activities from the 1930's and 40's for the nostalgia section. Engraved plaques on each framed piece delineated the event and time frame.

(Karrington Communities is now part of the Sunrise organization).