ArtSource Presents

“Pick-a-Pack” Pricing

Special 25-piece packages developed

just for health-care and senior living environments

Each package contains a mix of small, medium, & large images, framed in gallery-quality wood frames, double matted, with security locks and glass facing. There are 11 packs in all. Pictures are color-coordinated; each package contains several pairs while giving you a mix of subject matters, from landscapes and florals, to gardens and figures. Some lean toward earth tones; others are in a cooler,  blue-toned palette.

                        And best of all, the more you purchase, the greater the value.*


                                   Buy one package                                $ 3,750             $ 150.00 a unit
                                   Buy two packages                              $ 7,250             $ 145.00 a unit
                                  Buy three packages                          $ 10,500            $ 140.00 a unit
                                   Buy four packages                           $ 13,500             $ 135.00 a unit

 At these prices, you can make a substantial mark-up as well as having a quick turn-around sale, avoiding the time and effort to make individual selections.You know all items are available and have been hand-selected by our design staff here at ArtSource, who have experience in hundreds of projects each year. We follow the art trends, look for the unique, coordinate with current palettes, and watch for what people select across the country.   And we pass that knowledge on to you and your clients.  

* Pricing does not include shipping; we'll be glad to give you a shipping estimate when you provide zip code & location.

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