Your choice of frame sets the tone for the final look of your art. Think about whether you want a more casual look (oak, rustic) or something more formal (mahogany, gold, silver). We currently frame 65% of customer's orders in wood, 35% in metal (which is considered more contemporary). Price is determined by letter code (B is the least expensive). For purposes of quoting, you can select one frame below, but then use any frame within that same price code when placing your order. This will allow you to plan a budget line, allowing for a certain category of frame, and then mix/match frames within that category for the same cost.
Metal Frame

Wood Frame

B Metals
standard round-top for budget jobs

Finish Colors: Silver, Charcoal, Shiny Black

C Metals
clean, contemporary design, crosshatch finish, flat top

Finish Colors: Contrast Gray Satin, Black Satin, Antique Satin Silver


D Metals
full rounded face with brushed sides, upgrade metal

Finish Colors: Silver, Frosted Silver, Charcoal, Satin Black

Select the finish that coordinates with your case goods (chairs, desks, credenzas). See our FAQ for information on what finishes work best in certain settings. We offer various styles and sizes in each category to give you several choices. Our frames are priced with B as the least expensive, C as the next, and so on. Our more expensive mouldings are also generally of higher quality and appearance.