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Creating an Ongoing National Standards Program for a Corporation with Numerous Stand-Alone Offices

Challenge: This national company has over 300 offices throughout the U.S. and needed to achieve a consistent look throughout its facilities, control purchasing costs, and ensure quality and delivery schedules. Before this standards program, offices would often purchase their own artwork at local galleries, resulting in a range of prices and looks, some appropriate and some not. When offices closed or relocated, pictures could not be reused because of these inconsistencies. As well, the in-house designers wanted artwork choices to reflect the image of the company as a modern, growing leader in its field.

Solution: ArtSource works with the company's in-house design team each year to select 15-18 current decorative posters that reflect a contemporary abstract theme and are consistent with the color palette the designers are using that year. Generally, this palette will change every 2-3 years as new product selections are made in fabric, carpet, and case goods for the facilities.

As well as a consistent pool of imagery, a standard neutral mat and frame were specified which is used on each piece. An inventory of unframed images is kept at ArtSource HQ to ensure timely delivery. Offices receive between 2-10 pictures from the inventory pool, depending on their size.

Note: With the advent of this web site, companies can create their own inventory pool of images and let people in the field offices select from within these choices. In this way, corporate designers control the look and cost of individual items through a negotiated purchase contract; field personnel have involvement in the selection of the artwork hung in their offices.