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Creating Unique Artwork for an Exclusive Hotel on the Baja Peninsula

Challenge: The designer for this project wanted to create a unique art piece for 80 different casitas at a new exclusive resort in Cabo San Lucos. The task was to work jointly with both a designated artist and the designer to achieve an art image which met the needs of the client in terms of look, budget, and needed delivery date.

Solution: ArtSource began by providing a poster art search to hone in on the desired look. By getting feedback from the designer in this initial stage, we determined that a mosaic-type look, with some textural effects, as well as a design that reflected Mexican culture, climate, and color palette was required. We contracted with artist Beck Nead to create initial artist sketches for more ideas. Next, the project designer gave feedback on the sketches as well as providing photos of ceramic plates and an existing tile design to communicate additional design concepts. A horizontal and a vertical color design sketch was then done and approved. The final piece, reproduced as a limited edition poster of 100 images, had textured, layered effects in the border and a central collage of stylized elements including a vase, tropical bird, and Hispanic design motifs. It was framed in a silver Mexican-style carved moulding with simple double matting. The price, including the original art work, was under $100 per piece.