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Community Bank Reflects Ethnicity of Client Population through Art Choices

Challenge: Create an art program that reflects the cultural backgrounds of the bank's target population, which is primarily Hispanic. At the same time, stay within a prescribed budget so that the bank does not appear to be spending its resources on high-priced art that might instead be spent in the community.

Solution: ArtSource suggested the use of decorative or poster art only, with a simple wood moulding that matched the bank's case goods. In the area of imagery, we sourced not only U.S. but foreign publishers to gather sufficient images that would reflect the cultural background of a wide range of Hispanic cultures, including Haitian, Mexican, Cuban, South American, European Spanish, and Puerto Rican. Whenever possible, we also favored images that reflected strong family values, depicting parents and children engaged in pleasurable activities and those that depicted people in both positive work and play situations.