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Finding Art Themes That Reflect the Client's Industry

Challenge: Our corporate client produces water valves, pumps, and other implements that go into the manufacture of large water systems throughout the world. In their new corporate headquarters, they wanted to install artwork that reflected their industry and to use a variety of different artists, integrating both fine art and posters.

Solution: Using the theme of "water" and "fluid", ArtSource and the corporate art committee selected a series of 20 original pieces, primarily photography, depicting everything from a waterfall to a splash of ice into a water glass, from lighthouses to sculling races. Photos were blown up to large sizes, some as big as 3 x 4 feet to make a dramatic statement on the wall. Minimal framing was used to again emphasize the imagery itself. Poster art ranged from pictures of sailing and boats to tranquil water scenes.

(Photos shown are original photography used on this project by Larry Michael, Dale Fisher, and Larry Larimer. The artists retain copyright on all images shown).