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Organizing Diverse Memorabilia to Honor Veteran at VA Hospital Facility

Challenge: Take items as diverse as a stethoscope, a series of historical photos, the doctor's actual first aid kit, and several metals and awards and organize them into a wall display to honor a career colonel, recently deceased, who had worked in the VA system for many years. The display was to occupy a prominent place in the VA hospital main hallway.

Solution: ArtSource, with permission from the client, worked with our collage artist to expand the concept to include a history of army engagements from World War I through Desert Storm. Using the provided memorabilia as a jumping off point, the artist gathered a series of other elements, ranging from flags, old photos, patriotic sheet music, and objects such as a small WW I ambulance to create a series of intriguing vignettes in a piece 3 feet by 4 feet in size. In the close-up here you can identify not only historical memorabilia but simulated objects such as Marilyn Monroe's laminated ID tag from her visits to the Vietnam troops in the 1960's. In all, over 100 separate objects were used to create this thought-provoking collage. The artist avoided use of violent or negative scenes, focusing instead on positive, uplifting, patriotic themes of medical care, human connections, and reunions.